Nursing Assistants: Kindness In Action

“Nursing Assistants: Kindness In Action”

Celebrating 45 years as a professional organization for nursing assistants and other direct care workers in long-term care.

You help us meet our goals for 2022 when you:

  • Foster Positive Connections with and between residents.
  • Practice using the language of Encouragement.
  • Huddle with other team members to discuss tasks for today.
  • Talk to a legislator or public official about issues of staffing and consistent assignments.
  • Submit an essay, poem, or song to the NA Authors Club.
  • Recognize your Nursing Assistants who have 20 or more years of service. Submit their names to the National Honor society for NAs.
  • Talk to your local church group or high school about being a NA.

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Projects focusing on this initiative continue throughout the year:


National Nursing Assistants Week

45th Annual National
Nursing Assistants Week
June 16-23, 2022

National Career
Nursing Assistants Day
June 16, 2022

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Nursing Assistants are the best thing about “caring.” Nursing Assistants “Brighten Lives” according to Dawn Silva, CNA, New Hampshire, and member “Safe Patient Handling” committee. Ask Dawn to tell you about testifying to Congress (see Facebook)

Now as never before, attention is being directed to the care of our elder and disabled citizens and greater attention also is directed to the workers who provide hands-on care and caring.

The 45th annual National Nursing Assistants’ Week provides a timely opportunity to foster and showcase the wonderful things that can happen for residents and workers when we join together in planning your special Week, “Nursing Assistants: Creating a Community of Caring.”

Fun projects can also be educational. NA Week Projects for 2022 include Recognition events, Mayor Proclamations, memos to families, and news releases; and also include Programs such as the “Meeting the Future with Skill and Confidence;” Communing with the Hearing Impaired;” Documentation for MDS; Person-Centered Care, and Creating a Culture of Safety.

In order to make a difference, we need to seek out and involve our role models, peers, supervisors, clients, families, community, legislators, public policy officials, media, and others. Nursing Assistants Week provides a venue to bring folks together to create projects and programs that will continue throughout the year for the benefit of all.


Join the National Honor Society at no cost

Are you a Career Nursing Assistant?  Have you provided care to others over time?  Do you tell others that this is your Career? Then you are a Career Nursing Assistant and the first day of Nursing Assistants Week–June 16th, 2022–is designated as National Career Nursing Assistants’ Day to recognize nursing assistants who have dedicated their lives to the well-being of others for 5 to as many as 58 years.

You are the “Wisdom Keepers” © and you play an important role in “shore up” the Caring in Community and creating a Culture of Safety because YOU are the “Historians of What Works” and you bring wisdom and stability to the Care Setting.  You have developed a wide repertoire of skills and wisdom about how to bring the Sunshine and gentleness to the Daily lives of Residents.

Nursing Assistants with 20 or more years of service are eligible to join the National Honor Society for Nursing Assistants at no cost.  To enter, CLICK HERE



From William Painter, Past President of Board NNCNA,
Advisor to the Male Nursing Assistant Task Force

William Painter says, “What really changes things is when people come to a genuine understanding of the fundamental role that direct care workers have in creating quality in long term care in this country. Real change for the better only starts when people begin to understand the actual skills it takes to do this work. “

The very best way for this kind of genuine recognition and real change to happen is for direct care workers to advocate for themselves!  Nursing Assistants and Direct care workers have to take it upon themselves to educate the public, state and federal government agencies, and, in particular, their elected officials about the nature of the work and what workers need to do the job right. Here are some ideas that you can use to advocate for yourself:

  • Make sure that you and your co-workers are registered to vote.
  • Educate yourself and co-workers about the political issues that affect your jobs and the care you give. (Check news stories, participate in Facebook discussions, Pay special attention to potential cuts in Medicaid and job training, and regulation changes. Talk to people in senior’s and disabilities organizations.)
  • Get to know your lawmakers! What is his or her name? Call your legislators. Write letters. Find out who the big wheels in long-term care are in your state legislature and contact them. Get a small group together and make an appointment.
  • Practice your message and avoid complaining – be assertive and professional. It is your government and your money being spent! Don’t be chicken! They hear from the other “experts”, but if they are ever going to understand how it really is, they have got to hear directly from you!
  • Look for and create opportunities to speak to churches, civic organizations, seniors groups, etc.

The time to act is right now! YOU are “Creating a Community of Caring” and this is your year.

Make National Nurse Assistant’s Week a time, not just to accept recognition from others, but a time to celebrate all the things you have done already to make your profession everything it can be!



“Nursing Assistants Authors”

 “Nursing Assistants: Kindness In Action” ©

Especially for: Nursing Assistants, Caregivers, Care Assistants, Home Care Aides, Geriatric Assistants, Resident Assistants, Patient Care Assistants, Restorative Aides, Health Care Assistants, and other direct care providers in Nursing Homes, In-Home Care, Hospitals, Hospice, Veteran’s Homes, Assisted Living, Prisons, schools and other Long Term Care Settings

  • You are the best part of care and you bring sunshine to your residents every day. Now is the time to share your wisdom and ideas for creating a  caring and safe environment for  workers and residents as well
  • Showcase your skills and achievements
  • Help others understand the important work of the nursing assistant
  • Become a published author

Nursing Assistants are Key Players in Care and interactions with patients, residents and clients are central to Caring.

The words you use are powerful and can encourage, reassure, support, or convey respect and concern.

Projects for NAWeek are designed to help you focus is on “Creating a Community of Caring,”

Work by yourself, with your team or committee, or with colleagues to create an essay, skit, or song – write and submit or create an audiotape or videotape for one or more of the following.

ESSAY – Choose one or more of the following questions

  1. How do you help your residents connect to others and become a part of the larger Community of Caring? 
  2. How do you bring sunshine (a warm connection) to a person who is sad, or anxious or wandering?
  3. What do you say when ….he just needs someone to listen?
  4. What have you learned from the special people in your care?

SONG:  Create  your own words to You Are My Sunshine” or other popular songs

Entries can be typed, handwritten, or emailed, and must include your name, address, and phone number. Please limit your essay to two paragraphs.  If possible, enclose photos of those involved.

Submit your own entry – or work with other nursing assistant(s) to develop a Team Entry by June 6, 2022, to be eligible for awards at the Ohio NAW convention on June 20 or by Sept 30, 2022, to be eligible for National Awards.

To enter, CLICK HERE




Now is the time to plan for the 45th Annual National Nursing Assistants Week, June 16-23, 2022.    Many changes are occurring in health care today and Projects for NAWeek are designed to help the NA recognize their own value to the resident and the community and to respond in positive ways to some of the new demands and opportunities.

Who are Career Nursing Assistants?

Nursing assistants are key players in the lives of the people in their care. Each day, more than 4.5 million caregivers provide hands-on care to our nation’s frail, elderly, or chronically challenged citizens in nursing homes and other long-term care settings.  These important workers have various titles including: Nursing Assistant, Direct Care Worker, Nurse Aide, Care Assistant, Caregiver, Hospice Aide, In-Home Care Aide, ED Assistant, Resident Assistant, Hospice Assistant, Patient Care Assistant, Personal Care Assistant, Geriatric Aide, Restorative Aide, Health Care Assistant, and many more titles


1. Get excited and hyped about the wonderful possibilities for honoring our important health care workers- Start talking and brainstorming about creative projects and programs that can be developed in your facility or in your area.

2. Bring people together for planning– The 44th Annual Nationwide observance of National Nursing Assistants Week provides many opportunities that are fun and rewarding during NA Week but also throughout the year.  It is not too early to appoint a Planning Committee to pull this all together.

3. Ask your Mayor to proclaim the week- Community awareness of the unique contributions of the nursing assistant can be enhanced when your Mayor proclaims Nursing Assistants’ Week to the citizens of your community. A Proclamation suitable for signing by your mayor or public official can be ordered at minimal cost at the address below or downloaded at no cost at our website at www.cna-network.org  Start your NAW Scrapbook now.

4. Brainstorm ways to recognize and honor nursing assistants- Nursing assistants can be a wonderful source of creative ideas when they know they are not being tested.  Often the most “far-out” ideas are the most relevant and successful. The goal is to generate as many good ideas as possible and involve as many people as possible. Teams can be an effective way to generate ideas and also build positive communications.

5. Select and organize your projects and programs– Change is everywhere and NAs are being called on as never before to address issues of “the Art of Caring; Creating a Village of Caring; Creating your own safety zone; “Start with Hello” Tools for “Yes and No”; Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and Safety on the Job. Village Committees are in the spotlight to generate great ideas and create great outcomes.

Have fun while sending an important message to others.  Each day of NA Week provides a unique opportunity to focus on a different aspect of the Project Community Village.  These Projects initiated during NA Week 2021 can be continued throughout the year for value-added.  Work on a committee, use your own great ideas, and download materials from our website. www.cna-network.org, 

The Planning Guide includes activities for each day of NAW and suggestions of ways you can continue these programs throughout the year. It also includes discussion guides, sample press releases, Proclamation forms, certificate master, and info for planning. Purchase or download at no cost from our website.

6. Involve public officials and community leaders – In addition to signing a Proclamation, your Mayor may want to attend your celebration activities and may even have some ideas of his/her own.  A Deputy Mayor in one state invited local Nursing Assistants Week Committee Members to her home for a home-cooked gourmet meal.

7. Promote your events to the community– Newspapers, TV and radio stations are interested in local events and may provide special coverage of your events.Media representatives can provide guidelines for the submission of your release.

8. Promote your projects in the facility– Internal networking can get people involved and build anticipation for the good we can do when we work together. Posters or invitations can be made by the NA Committee, a craft class, the Resident’s Council, family members or the local high school or college. Include in your scrapbook.

9. Keep it moving– Imagine this if you will… Today is June 17th – the first day of the 44th Annual National Nursing Assistants Week. Your staff will cover resident care. You invited the newspaper to photograph your “Most Service Years Recipient.” Residents are busy coaching nursing assistants about hairstyles and how to smile at the camera. The pins and t-shirts are ready for awards and the names are spelled correctly on the certificates.  Your check-off list is complete. You just brought it all together. Enjoy.

10. Plan to plan for next year– What was the best thing you did for Nursing Assistants Week? What would you like to do differently next year? Answering these important questions now will help your plans go even better next year. A final summary of your activities and outcomes – expected and unexpected can be a part of your scrapbook.



Nursing assistants are key players in the lives of the people in their care, and each nursing assistant is called to create an environment of caring for the resident or client and the worker as well.

The nationwide observance of Nursing Assistant’s Week provides many opportunities to recognize and validate the role of the nursing assistant in the health care system. Public recognition of nursing assistants provides a valuable service, not only for making nursing assistants more visible but also, to lessen the concern of family members when a loved one is in need of special care.

The annual observance of Nurse Assistants’ Week and Career Nurse Assistants’ Day is a special time to celebrate and recognize the efforts of the Nurse Assistant in long-term care services. Here are a few ways to say thank you to this important worker:

  1. Display photos of your NAs with notes about favorite foods, hobbies, or families.
  2. Plan an awards ceremony and invite your mayor and local and state legislators.
  3. Conduct a Poster Contest or Essay Contest about creating a neighborhood or community of caring.
  4. Select teams of nursing assistants to conduct Daily Dialogues during the 8 days of National Nursing Assistants’ Week.
  5. Create a poster consisting of “thank you” notes from family members and staff. Include pictures of your nurse assistants. When complete, enlarge your poster to 5X8 feet and post it in a prominent place.
  6. Provide computer training for nursing assistants and encourage them to connect with resources and nursing assistant groups in other areas.
  7. Ask NAs to write and star in a video about your nursing home.
  8. Enroll eligible Career Nurse Assistants as members in the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants or the National Honor Society of Nursing Assistants (Twenty Year Club).
  9. Convene a Council or Chapter of the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants in your facility or area.
  10. Conduct a special project during NA Week. Give your NAs the responsibility, authority, and guidelines for planning.

For list of 50 ways to celebrate NAWeek, email your request to cnajeni@aol.com

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Celebrations across the country

If you are coordinating a local or state celebration, send details using our contact form to the left and we will add them to this list.